Monday, 12 December 2011

Finally, some good news

We went back to the hospital for chemo number 5 and we had an appointment with the consultant beforehand to discuss the results of my scan. He called us in and we nervously waited for him to speak. From the scan, the cancer had almost disappeared apart from a tiny speck in my neck, which meant that the chemotherapy had been working. Considering how much there was (tumours between my neck and right arm), it has probably now reduced by about 98% to which we were obviously all delighted about! He did say, that on a normal CT scan, this trace wouldn't have been picked up, and I would have been declared in remission, however, due to the radiation given from the PET CT scan, it was picked up. Thank God for radiation! (despite my lack of superpowers, but I shan't complain!) I now just have to have one more chemo session, which will be my sixth and then I will be rescanned to make sure the tiny speck has gone and once it has, the stem cell transplant can take place. We will be seeing the consultant again after the next scan at the beginning of January, with the hope that the stem cell transplant taking place toward the end of January/beginning of February!

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