Friday, 28 September 2012

Exactly one year to the day since diagnosis (and an update)

It didn't occur to me until around 11am, that this day, exactly one year ago, I heard the dreaded words that no-one ever wants to, or should hear. When I realised, I came over all funny and didn't really know what to think or say. I remember being on the train back from Leeds to London this day last year and just thinking, what could it be? I had been through so much investigative work to that point, that I thought things could only get worse. And noch, they did.

And one year on, on a more positive note, I lived to tell the tale and again want to thank everyone who was there for me and my family throughout this very difficult year. I am now back to almost full health. I have a full head of hair (even had a haircut!) and have returned to university to complete my studies. My sister also just got engaged this week, so I am naturally delighted and ecstatic!

I saw my haematologist last week before returning and he was happy with my progress. He said that the shingles blip was most likely due to being a little bit immuno suppressed, but was happy with my recovery and said my bloods were normal :)

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