Sunday, 1 February 2015

Lasers and and update

Last week I went back from my 6 monthly check up with my haematologist. After waiting for over an hour to see him (which is quite short!) we got called in. I had had my blood test the week before which was quick and painless (thankfully!) He had a look at my results and was very happy. Last time I had tingling in my fingers which we put down to nerve damage in my arm from the way I lean on my desk at work, which was resolved with a cushion... If only everything had been that easy! We had our usual chats about any symptoms I may have had, which I didn't and he then had a feel around my neck and under my arms for any lumps. I was lump free! Always a relief! He went on to say how from then on, my appointments would then be annually, rather than 6 monthly. That was fantastic to hear! I will be going back in 10 months however, as my parents didn't want to wait that long... Not to worry!

That's all on the cancer and haematology front!

In previous blogs I've mentioned my eyes and the condition which they discovered post shingles, Keretaconus. Very easy to remember this one as it is pronounced like everyone's favourite member of Atomic Kitten and Queen of Iceland adverts, Kerry Katona. This is where the cornea is changing shape and is causing blurred vision in my left eye. They will be fixing this tomorrow at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London with a procedure called Collagen Cross linking with Laser PTK. I've been telling people it's sort of like laser eye surgery (as there is a laser involved) except it is a condition that can't be fixed, but only prevented from getting worse. It is surgery and there will be eye drop anaesthetic, bright lights and a load of other fun things... The doctor said it will be very uncomfortable afterwards and I'm likely to be very sensitive to the light. Thank god they're only doing it in one eye!

I've been asked numerous times whether I'm nervous or scared. And to be honest. I'm not. Having been through everything I've been through, this doesn't seem anywhere near as scary in comparison! For one, there'll be no needles! Which in my eyes (pun) is always a winner! A bone marrow aspiration with a 12 inch needle in my hip, chemo and a stem cell transplant can't really be trumped in terms of scary procedures! The fact that I hopefully won't go blind is also a plus!

The eye surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, so I'll update again soon, albeit through my good eye :)

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