Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Some GREAT news, an update and 4 year Cancerversary

Hi all!

I went back last week for my pre appointment blood test. Apart from being told off for putting my coffee cup on her table, it was rather unexciting and I hardly even felt the needle going in. Win.

As I turned up for my appointment to see the haematologist, for the first time in a very long time, I felt a bit nervous. I had no reason to. I hadn't felt any different to normal. Was a bit strange. I always request to see the same doctor every time as he knows me the best and was in charge of all my treatment. Half an hour after my scheduled appointment, he came out the office and announced that all those waiting to see him would be delayed. In my eyes, that only meant one thing. That either I, or someone else before me was receiving bad news and having an extended appointment. That made the nerves even greater.

An hour later after scheduled, he called my name. As I took a seat, we went through the usual questions, what I was up to at the moment, how I'd been feeling, any symptoms etc. He told me that my bloods were completely normal and was rather unremarkable as far as symptoms were concerned. He went on to explain, that because of the way I handled the chemo, the aggressive chemo and the transplant, that chances of reoccurrence fall due to having handled it relatively well. That was great news.

He also went on to say, that either from the next appointment, or the one after that, I could be completely discharged! This is the only context I ever like hearing the word Discharge. I couldn't have hoped to hear anything better! However, when he did say that, I did feel slightly sad at the fact I would never be back there. It has been such a major part of my life for the last four years, so if and when I eventually get discharged from his care, it will be very strange and the whole saga will officially be behind me!

Every year that has passed, I still can't get over the fact that all this happened to me. I still think a lot about everything that I went through, from diagnosis, treatment and now remission. The whole story still seems so surreal!

Next stage is to carry on as normal until I go back to see him again next Summer!

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