Thursday, 29 March 2012

Update- Last days in hospital, coming home

I have just got back from seeing my consultant haematologist, who we hadn't seen since before I went into hospital. I had a blood test and he was happy with all the levels and with my general progress since having the transplant. He said that my itch was probably to do with the chemo still in my body and should just wait for it to go, tiredness was expected still. I am due to see him again in two months time.

The last couple of days in hospital were ok. Was obviously very itchy and tired, but apart from that, much was the same. On the Tuesday morning, very early, a whole team of doctors came to see me. The consultant, two or three registrars, a couple of juniors and two medical students. Never have I felt more intimidated in my entire life whilst I was sprawled out on the bed in my pyjamas. The consultant did all the talking and checks, whilst all the others just stared and took notes. He said that he was happy enough for me to go home in the next couple of days, which I was naturally delighted with, having been in hospital for over a week.

On the Wednesday I was allowed home. WOOOOOO. It was a bit of a shock to the system as I had been away now for exactly three weeks. I was shattered. I got home and went straight to bed. It was the day of Purim, so my sister and a good friend had organised a Megillah reading at our house for that evening which was lovely, although I fell asleep half way through. The next couple of days my routine hardly changed. I still wasn't eating at this point so was literally sleeping, watching telly and sleeping some more.

A couple of days later I had to go back to the hospital for a routine blood test and to see the chief  transplant nurse. My blood levels were not good and had dropped quite considerably. They sent me back home with the same injections to boost the level of white blood cells and told me to come back next week to see if these had made a difference. They had and my levels went back to normal and the nurse called and said they weren't too concerned to call me back again and should wait until (today) when I was due to see the consultant again.

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