Friday, 2 March 2012


I have now been in hospital since Sunday and am completely neutropenic which means I have no white blood cells, so am very prone to infection and basically have no immune system. Since being admitted, I have completely lost my appetite (totally uncharacteristic I know!) and haven't eaten a meal in over a week. I pick at meals, but can rarely eat more than 2 or 3 mouthfulls. This is in addition to having a really sore mouth and being in a lot of pain when I swallow...

I have also come out in a rash all over my body, you'd think I'd be used to rashes by now, but this is like no other rash I have ever had. It is so itchy, red and hot. They have been giving me piriton and other anti-hitamines, but they don't really seem to be helping. Unfortunately. There is nothing worse than being constantly itchy! They do think that this rash is being caused by an anti-biotic I had been prescribed. They have since stopped the anti-biotic to see if this was the cause.

Since being here, I have also had to have 2 platelet transfusions, where they have been so low, that they have to give me more. They have also put me on drips for de-hydration (despite the fact that I have been drinking) but this causes low blood pressure. My hair and beard are also starting to fall out again :( but that was to be expected even though they had started to grow back. Will try and update again soon!

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  1. Just posting to remind people who have the lurgy or any other germs to stay away from you Al! xxx