Sunday, 26 February 2012

Being admitted into hospital

The last couple of days I had been feeling ok other than tired. My mouth had started to feel sore, hurting when I yawned. I had been given a special mouthwash to counter-act this, not entirely sure it's working! My blood test were also coming back ok and hadn't started to drop until yesterday. Today I got classified as neutropenic, which means that my blood isn't producing any white blood cells and therefore means that I am particulary prone to catching infection and must be really careful.

I got admitted into hospital today. My blood levels were really low and I started to feel really exhausted and my stomach was hurting. I had gone to have my morning bloods and my blood pressure was low. They said to come back in the afternoon to double check. However, I got admitted before that. We went back to ambulatory care, got checked by the nurses and the doctor and they decided it be best for me to be admitted. They thought that my low blood pressure was due to being dehydrated, eventhough I have drunken loads due to my dry mouth. They hooked me up on to a drip of potassium something to re-hydrate me.

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