Tuesday, 21 February 2012

End of chemo, stem cells back

I have now finished the chemotherapy part of my transplant. My fanny pack of fun was also removed today woooooop! I have now come up in a rash all over my arms, legs and chest, but the nurses and doctors think that it's due to the chemotherapy drugs I have been taking and have prescribed piriton. So far each day I have been given the same drug, apart from today where I was given a different one. This was infused in half an hour, rather than over two hours. I also got to have an ice-lolly with my chemo (win! It was very tastey) because this drug is meant to make your mouth sore and nurses have a theory that if your're eating something cold whilst it's being infused, it helps. We shall see, either way, I got an ice-lolly out of it :)

Tomorrow I am due to get my stem cells back. They have been frozen and so will be thawed whilst I get them back. We were told the preservative that they are frozen in smells like sweet corn... Hopefully I won't come away tomorrow smelling of corn, but could be worse I guess! After I receive the stem cells back, which they need to canulate me for as they don't go through the line well, I don't receive anymore treatment, but still need to go in every day for observations and blood tests to monitor the levels in the blood. We then have to wait until I get too ill, that I will need to be admitted as an inpatient. My blood levels at this point will also be very low and I will be neutopenic (low number of neutrophils). They said this could take a couple of days, from when I receive the stem cells back, so probably around Friday or Saturday.

Other than the itchy rash and feeling very tired, I am feeling ok. For now... Will try and update again soon.

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  1. You are doing brillantly Zand. Keep going and after the next few days it will start to get better. The cells do smell like sweetcorn, mine went in through the line but I did have a different type of line.

    I didn't get an ice lolly though!

    We will come and see you at the weekend
    lots of love
    BAS and BUM and the best cousins