Thursday, 16 February 2012

More problems- Starting in hospital

I arrived at the hospital yesterday, expecting my new set of chemo to take place. Everything was going really well until the nurse took one look at my picc line and said it was the wrong one. I had one with one tube coming out of it, it needed two. Great. So all the palava I had been through the other day, all the bleeding, A&E, more bleeding had been for nothing because it was the wrong wire. They did say, that potentially I would have to wait til next Monday before they could find someone to do it and said they would call me to update on the situation. Thank goodness they found someone. Two hillarious nurses did the procedure. Which was quite bizarre, because a consultant, with two nurse helpers did the last one... The second team were really funny and made the whole situation feel a lot lighter then the mad man who did the last one.

The line is now in my left arm with two dangling tubes hanging from it. It's very attractive. They can give me two different things at once, if they need to. Because they had to take out the original line and change it for the correct one, my treatment was delayed for a day due to not being able to get the tablets from the pharmacy in time by the time it was finished... Not as bad as it could have been!!!

I went in today for the start of my treatment. Every day they will take blood to check the levels are ok. The doctor came around to make sure I was ok and that the line hadn't caused any problems over night. I also met the pharmacist who went through the side effects of all the drugs I have to take alongside my chemo (my old man pill pot has been topped up with around 19 pills a day...). My blood was taken through the line and my chemo today was just in pill form. Eleven pills. 10 of one thing and 1 of another kind. All in the name of fun...

Tomorrow the proper chemo starts!!

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