Saturday, 18 February 2012

More chemo and treatment

I have now had three days of chemo as part of my transplant. The first day was pills and yesterday and today were all intravenously through my line. They take blood before each session starts and they chemo drips in from two bags over two hours. Yesterday the chemo went well and I felt fine They also hooked me up to a sexy bum bag with chemo in it which drips in over 24 hrs. Today I had my treatment and felt horrendous. I got home from the hospital and completely flaked out. I could hardly keep my eyes open and spent the rest of the afternoon in bed. I felt a bit sick, but not that I was going to be sick... (if that makes any sense...). I didn't even have any lunch! And for me to miss a meal, something is definitely wrong! I'm feeling much better now typing this. Still a bit tired, but not feeling ill.

More to come over the week x

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