Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Transplant- one year on!

I genuinely can't believe, that this time last year I was having my stem cell transplant. So far the transplant has worked, so it wasn't totally in vain! The first couple of days, whilst I was undergoing the extra, more intense chemo, I was staying in a hotel opposite the hospital as I still had part of my immune system, despite having had my stem cells removed. After the five rounds of intense chemo, I was given the stem cells back and had to wait for my immune system to literally break down before being admitted into hospital, due to fears of me catching a further illness and not being able to fight it off.

I was semi-isolated for 10 days, luckily I was still allowed visitors and I want to again extend my grattitude to all those who trecked up to town to come see me. Whilst in hospital, I was having daily check ups etc and my blood levels, pressure and temperature were being constantly checked to make sure I didn't catch anything. My temperature and blood pressure were constantly fluctuating and I was put on regular fluid drips, given lots of antibiotics and had three platelet infusions. One night stands out to me in particular and I know my parents as well. It was a Friday and my parents were staying in the hotel opposite for Shabbat. I had already been sick during the day and hadn't been feeling great. Later on in the evening, I went to the toilet and I felt a bit light headed. I came out and all I recall is my mum shouting from the other side of the room "catch him" to my dad as I collapsed in his arms.

Next thing I know, about ten nurses are running around my room, I am sprawled out on the floor laying on the doctor and I saw the relief on my parents faces as I started to come around. I now like to think of this day as Black Friday. After hearing what had happened and why, I was certain my time had come. My parents thought so too and almost a year to the day later when this happened, it still plays on my mind.

This blog was just to share a quick thought as to what had happened this time last year. At the moment I am in good health and due to see the haematologist on my return home from university during the Easter holidays, so I will update again then!


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