Thursday, 13 June 2013

Another blip and an update on my eyes

I went back to the second opthamologist this week. I had all the usual scans, photos, drops and vision tests then waited to be called in by the doctor. He welcomed me back and confirmed that my vision hadn't changed in the last six months since I saw him last and, if anything, it had somewhat improved! He said to come back in a year and didn't seem overly concerned about the keratoconus! That was a relief! As the potential treatment sounded a bit nasty.

I also had to go in to the GP for some vaccinations, the ones you have as a baby, as post chemo, the majority of them get wiped out, so I naturally had to have them again. I had two jabs in one arm and one in the other. A day or two after I felt ok, then my arm began to ache to the point where I couldn't move it (the arm I had the two jabs in). A huge red mark had also appeared, the size of a tennis ball. It was a really deep red and boiling hot to the touch.I also had flu like symptoms, a cold and phlegmy cough. At one point, I also had a temperature of 39.9, which is really high!!

I went straight back to the GP and they saw me straight away. She said it could either be an infection (the lesser likely of the two options) or an allergic reaction to something I had been injected with, but was difficult to tell which. She put me on a heavy prescription of anti biotics. She wanted to originally give me penicillin, but since the transplant, it is unknown whether or not I am allergic to it, so gave me the next best thing, as she didn't want to risk giving me penicillin just in case. The symptoms lasted about a week and we drew a mark around the original red mark, so we could see if it was spreading. It did spread quite rapidly down my arm, the temperature remaining quite hot.

A week or so later, I also had a follow up appointment with the haematologist. My normal doctor wasn't there, so I saw one of the other consultants, who I hadn't seen since just after I was diagnosed. She was quite concerned with what had happened re the injections and wanted to speak to the transplant team at UCH before I had the next set of injections as she was convinced it was an allergic reaction rather then an infection She said my bloods were looking good and to carry on with the anti biotics. She also had a poke around under my arms, neck, stomach etc to find any lumps, which she didn't, which was a relief! Back again in 3 months time!

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