Friday, 30 August 2013

My sisters Wedding

My sister got engaged in September and I had been counting down the days to the wedding ever since. I first met Rafi (her new husband) just after my treatment began. I was totally bald having already had two or three rounds of chemo, pale and not really looking my finest. You know when you meet someone at the worst time in your life and they stick around? That was Rafi. I knew from that moment, that Rafi was going to be around for a while and noch, he is now my brother in law! You couldn't ask for a finer one if you ask me! Totally selfless, genuine and a real hero. He was there not only for my sister to cope with everything she was going through, but also myself. We had only met a couple of times, but when I was in hospital, he came up most days and even bought presents. What more could you ask for in a brother in law?

The wedding was out of this world. I knew that at some point I was going to cry. I'm just that sort of person. I had originally predicted that it would be as my sister walked down the aisle. I was so wrong. It was about 45 minutes before hand. When we escorted Rafi to greet Francesca, who he hadn't seen or spoken to for a whole week beforehand, his tension and emotion was transferrerd straight into me and thus came the first set of tears! And plenty of them! I blubbered like a baby. During the ceremeony, I managed to retain most of my composure until the last song, cue more tears Once the ceremony finished, I saw my dad. Also blubbering like a baby (it must be genetic), I cried again!

I think one of the main reasons, apart from it obviously being a beautiful wedding and a naturally emotional occasion when your only sisters gets married, that there were so many tears, it actually sunk in, that I so easily could have missed the whole thing, had treatment etc not gone my way. I was very lucky and felt so blessed to have shared and been a part of their special day.

I am due to see my haematologist again next week for my quarterly check up, so will update again next week!


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