Friday, 4 October 2013

Two years post diagnosis!!

This is the second attempt at writing this blog post, as I managed to accidentally delete the other...

Last weekend it was exactly two years to the day I heard those dreaded words. The feelings on the day were somewhat bizarre. Although it should have naturally been a day of celebration, I sometimes can't help feeling a bit guilty as obviously not everyones cancer journeys end the same way. No one should ever have to be in the situation where they are told, point blank, that something horrible, dangerous, evil and probably life threatening may prevent them from achieving their dreams. Their aspirations. Things they've wanted from a child. Having now been through everything that I went through and come out the other end, life should now seem easy in comparison, hopefully! Although it was two years ago, it has gone so quickly. I remember so clearly everything that happened on the day. Getting the train back from Leeds, waiting in the waiting room to be called in, having my blood pressure checked and being told my pulse was quite high, being called in and then being given the news. All the actions and emotions are still so bold in my head, it is hard to get over. I genuinely can't believe that it was two years ago!

A few weeks ago, I had an appointment to see my haematologist. He mentioned that it was 18 months since my transplant. My dad and I both looked at eachother in amazement as we couldn't believe how long it had been! We had our usual chat, he said my bloods were looking good and I also mentioned to him, something that I hadn't mentioned to my parents, that I kept feeling a recurring pain in my armpits. He had a thorough feel around, but couldn't feel anything. That was lucky! I had also mentioned it to my rheumatologist who I had seen a few weeks previous and she believed it to be muscle folds and nothing I should be concerned about.

Other good news which came from that appointment, was that after my next appointment which will be in January, I no longer need to go every 3 months, but every 6 months :)  That was great to hear, as the less concerned about me he is, the better.

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