Thursday, 20 February 2014

Update and 2 years post transplant

In January I had a follow up appointment with my hematologist. After the blood test the week before, which was quite painful in comparison to normal, we were back in that same familiar waiting room. We were eventually called in and for the first time I was quite nervous. I have no idea why! We had the usual chat about what I was up to, whether I'd felt any symptoms etc. He was more than happy with my blood levels and he explained that they were at the levels for any normal person. Me? Normal? There's a first! He also had a feel around for lumps around my neck, stomach, under arms and groin and he couldn't find any, so that was a relief too! He also explained that now I was 2 years post transplant, the chances of it coming back were far less in this period in comparison to the 2 years straight after. That was also really great news! He now wants to see me every 6 months rather than 3, so that was the best news I could have hoped for!

Last week I also had a follow up with my rheumatologist, who I hadn't seen for at least 6 months. Despite her having been the original doctor who diagnosed me, I still enjoy going to see her. She was more then happy to sign me off and was delighted with the progress I had made. However, we rejected her offer, just in case because it is so much harder to get back into the system once you have been signed off.

This week was two years to the day since my transplant began. The transplant consisted of the removal of my stem cells then 5 days of high dose chemotherapy whilst staying in a hotel opposite the hospital until my immune system broke down, meaning I'd have to be admitted to hospital. I can still remember each day and each chemo session so clearly that it still bewilders me that it was 2 years ago!

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